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in between
not quite dark
and not quite light
the sweet notes
of a single songbird
fly through an open window
and land lightly on sleepy eyelids ~

for an endless moment
the world softens
dreams fall away
and we drift
that bird and i
in a long ago story
of infinite creation

the music of magic
shifts space and time
a single shard of light
pierces, then permeates
the place behind my eyes
where life softens
and surrenders

and then ~
with a brightening of sky
there comes a chorus
of frogs and crows and blue jays
and the bird song melts
into the cacophony
of sunrise

dog noses appear
and a cat sits on a pillow
his wide eyes telling me
with absolute certainty
that morning is here now
and breakfast must follow

and so i rise
to morning rituals:
greet the sun
feed the animals
light the incense
of coffee and earth
and gratitude

and as dawn becomes day
i wrap it around me ~
this prayer shawl
of a song
sweet enough
to still the world
with its sound of magic.