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Gryphon Angelito Beezlebub
Black Cat Extraordinaire
Master of Miracles ~

Your old tired body, soft and warm
stiffens as you let go
and lays to rest on soft grasses
in mother earth’s loamy embrace

She receives you
as you return to her,
and your spirit softly
~ peacefully ~

moves on
to whatever is next.
(the white clover tells of calm
as the white buffalo guides you home)

I like to think that your bowls
will be ever filled
with fresh, raw milk

(“meowlk, neow” you demand
and offer a thank you “meow” before you drink)

and your spirit will soar free
to return again someday ~
You, bringing Peace

to those who need it
in some future life
some future form.

I hold you
forever in my heart
and in my soul

in the precious place
where we are One.

🐱  🐱

~ posted in honor of Gryphon
1993(ish) – 2014
He lived a long, good, miraculous life in his 21 years. Go in peace, my friend.