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has anyone ever written
a poem about being bitten
by the sick bug?

with fuzzy brain
and, oh, head pain
I could just curl up on the rug.

Chicken soup and vitamin C
all those natural remedies
get lots of rest –
(inactive is best)
on this my body agrees.

Laugh a little, sleep alot
can’t rush a cold when its been caught.
Plenty of tissue –
(the nose is an issue)
guess I’ll be sick ’til I’m not.


Right.  😕   There’s a goofy poem for ya.  (insert eye roll)   I missed getting a poem up for yesterday, and might have missed today as well, were it not for goofy rhyming lines showing up in my stuffy head. Hey, at least it’s something.  Posted for Day 25 of NaPoWriMo.