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They sat in silence, settled softly around a campfire. An odd group of vagabonds, she thought. A can of beans, open, popped and shuddered, balanced precariously above a flame. Her stomach responded with movement, noise. Hunger? or anxiety? She could never be sure. Fire in the belly, she thought, as she watched the flames lick the base of the can. A moment of peace. Peace with an edge. Always this fine line between fear and anticipation. Tomorrow things would change again. Sure, there were these quiet moments, like the calm after the storm, but always on the horizon, another storm.  Upheaval. Movement.  Her life, her choices.fire

A lotus flower
takes shape in the flames
the mystery remains




Day 4, NaPoWriMo.

Haibun, as I understand it, is a bit of fiction followed by a loosely related haiku.  This is my first attempt at haibun, and I still have much to learn, as I have only just discovered this form of poetry.   The haiku came first, taken from this prompt from Yay Words, and then this morning I saw this post that made me curious about Haibun.  Here’s the Wikipedia on Haibun.