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A Fateful Non-Poem, or The Confusion of Karma

Is it all fate?
Predetermined, they say.
You can’t escape your destiny, they say.

“Free choice! 
Get your choices here!
Go on, take as many as you like ~
Here, have another, they are free.

A squelching of instinct
leads us down an unexpected path.
Looking back, a sudden realization:
It was all perfect.

What happened to the path
that instinct would have followed?

It’s a matter of time, they say.
No, you said.
Time is matter.
Space expands from this moment ~

Your life
from these choices.

Who will you be today?

Apologies to readers. I have given myself permission to write really bad poetry. Enjoy with a grain of salt.
Day 3, NaPoWriMo.