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More weekly photo fun? From color to pale…

As I was posting for the WordPress weekly photo challenge with the focus on color, there were other blog posts showing up in my inbox with a pale theme.  So of course, I had to explore them, which led me to this post found on Where’s My Backpack – a great travel blog.

My own inner travel bug is taking a much-needed rest, which means I am (at least for the moment) sticking close to home. I do, however, have archives full of travel photos, so I thought it might be fun to take part in a weekly travel-themed post.  Might also be fun to wander back through my travel photos and see where I’ve been.

Er, well, then again – it could be dangerous. Might wake up the travel bug….  8}

At any rate, in contrast to yesterday’s colorful post, here are a few random photos with muted color.