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Note:  If this post seems familiar, it is because I first posted it on my yoga blog back in December.  At that time, I was returning to blogging as well as coming ’round to face other things in my life.  It does seem as if I keep coming around, returning over and over again to various themes – and so the post remains relevant for me.  Perhaps it will be for you as well.  Blessings.

We are always turning toward something.

A moment calls. A flash of light, a word from a friend, the need to work, to feed ourselves, to love.  A thought grabs our attention, and we hop on that thought train until it crashes, or switches tracks and we turn toward a new thought, in a new direction.  Turning, always turning, until exhausted or simply ready, we re-turn.

Return.  Return to that thing that feeds us, that thing that leads us to a deeper sense of life.  A pause, or a calling maybe – meaningful work, art or yoga, or words. The land.  For some, prayer or meditation.  A centering, grounding.  Who am I, beyond all of this turning?  And what, in this context, do I know?

I often feel as if life does not go in circles so much as in spirals.  You come around again, return to what feels like that same old starting place (argh, haven’t I been here before?) but then you realize:  something has shifted.  It looks the same, feels similar, but something is different.

The difference is You.

This journey you have been on, this turning here and there, these circles ~ it has all taken you exactly where you needed to go, and returned you to this moment, here and now, so that you can know it in a new way.

Return.  Maybe we know this place for the first time, as T.S. Eliot suggests, or maybe it is just that we think we know it, then find that we still have more to do before we really “grok” it. So off we go, turning and re-turning: exploring, learning, loving, growing.


An idea that keeps returning:  Be Creative.

Write a poem, plant a garden, engage in your life with an open heart. Dance to the sound of laughter, bake a souffle or a paint a dream, draw a heart in the sand or an angel in the snow.  Return to your heart, return to your joy, and let life unfold itself in your perfect beauty.

~ may you be happy, may you know peace ~

“And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”  T. S. Eliot