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The final week of NaHaiWriMo has us writing haiku throughout the house. Here are the prompts:  Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Dining Room, Closet, Garage (is that really a room in the house?) and Kitchen. Challenging prompts. They made me think a bit more about how I construct haiku, and took me further out of my haiku box.

Here they are – prompt, followed by haiku:


Living Room

live here, Live
where the elephant walks ~
see with new eyes



physical imprints
from a mind out of time ~
dream echoes



evening ablution
candlelit effervescence
chaos deferred


Dining Room

cafe tierra
dawn in a demitasse cup
brewed awakening



her laughing threat ~
“I will haunt your closet!”
These shoes must go.



the band plays
tribute to the bard
timeless poem



chopping, slicing, laughing
wafting smells of soup and bread
love offering


The last day of February, the last day of National Haiku Writing Month. Apart from my first week, I managed to use all the prompts. Some things I learned this month:

  • Writing from a verbal prompt is more challenging for me than using a photo prompt, à la Ku on This.
  • All prompts – verbal or photo – are more difficult to work with than no prompts.
  • My usual haiku inspiration comes from nature, which is why the second week was the easiest for me.
  • Working with unusual prompts is good for expanding my creative bandwidth.
  • I like color.  The third week – in which the haiku came out of a color prompt – was fun.  I might come back and play with that concept some more, maybe expanding more with haiga or etagami.
  • I don’t like writing about food, and haiku about living spaces are challenging.
  • I have the ability to write some bad haiku!  😉

NaHaiWriMo ends with the close of February, however their facebook page will continue to provide a daily prompt.  Head on over there if you want to play.  I will not be participating daily, but I might grab a prompt from them every once in a while just to see where it leads.

How about you?  If you participated in NaHaiWriMo – what was your experience?