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hang your hatHome. It has so many layers, so many connotations. It means different things to different people in different places and at different times.  Aren’t we all transient in one way or another? A mobile society lacking roots, or maybe finding roots in our mobility.  What is it like, I sometimes wonder, to live on a homestead that had been in the family for many generations?

Hang your hat here.

In the midst of chaos, in yet another transition, when the ground feels groundless and roots are turned up before they’ve had a chance to really dig down into the earth, when life is hard and changing and uncertain ~ the words rise up of their own accord:  “I just want to go home.”  This transient Capricorn, a contradiction in terms, craves solid ground with a castle to call her own, even when the universe points in another direction: go here, and the starting over begins yet again.

Life is beautiful in its transitions, and change is never to be regretted.  In every moment there is a new adventure. The things I’ve seen, done, been – I would not have experienced had anything been otherwise.  So I continue to learn, when the words “I just want to go home” come of their own accord: Home is right where I am.

Home is now.  It is here, in my willingness to be present.  Home is the center, the core, the solid ground within.  It is that deep place of peace found in a flash of beauty, in a song, in a breath, in the deep listening and willingness to be with what is.  It is the place where I connect with the earth, and ground the groundless, where I can find safety in uncertainty, where I can know that everything is ok, even when it’s not.  Home is sometimes a lonely place, and it can also be filled with inconceivable love ~ a love that accepts who you are, who I am, who we are together, and is ok with that.   When I am peace, I am home. When I am home, I am peace.

Hang your hat here.  We are home.

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