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I tried to use the re-blog function to share this post from my Dharma Dawgs blog, and Hanging out with Chevyfailed completely.  Apparently there is something running on the back side of wordpress that I don’t understand, and I wound up with photos from two-year old posts. Odd.  So…. with that whine out of the way, I am taking another tact to share with you this slide show.

First, I want to say that I am glad so many of you enjoyed the photos of my girls – Star and Twinkle – that I shared in the this earlier post. I also notice that many of the blogs I have visited are from people who have their own stories of rescued and well-loved animals – so I thought many of you might enjoy these photos as well.

To see the slide show, go here. Of course (full disclosure) I have ulterior motives: I want to help Chevy find her home. Not only do I share these photos with you, but I also want to ask (plead, beg) you this: Will you share it with your own networks?  Re-blog it (if you can), or share the link on facebook, or whatever feels right – but only if it feels right. (Trust that instinct – Chevy needs a good home, not just any home.)

Chevy is looking for her own special person. She had a rough start in a home that was not so good, and now has been in the shelter far too long. It is time for her to have a home of her own. I am certain that her family is out there somewhere, and I like to think that they are unknowingly looking for Chevy as Chevy looks for them.  Will you be the one who can help them make that connection?

I realize that Chevy is only one dog among the far too many homeless shelter dogs, but she is one dog that I hope we can help.  And knowing the healing power of animals, maybe we can also make a difference for a family who needs her as much as she needs them.  Creating peace – one family, one dog at a time.

Thanks for reading this, and for taking a look at her photos, and for your willingness to consider sharing her posts. And if nothing else, do enjoy the photos!

Many Blessings ~ from Amy and her dear friend Chevy

Click here or on the photo below to see the Photo Essay from Chevy

A Happy Chevy

More About Chevy

You can read more about Chevy in this post, (be sure to read the comments too, for info from other people who know her) and in the last part of this one.  Chevy is a very special girl – she loves people, loves to play ball and run, she plays well with male dogs (she might have an issue with female dogs), and gets along fine with cats.  How cool is that?  Chevy is a high energy dog. She needs someone who can give her plenty of exercise, quality training, solid structure with a stable routine, and plenty of love and snuggles.

Here are the words from a foster family she stayed with for a while: “Chevy is eager to please, super sweet and a real snuggler. She is also very strong. My opinion is that she would thrive in a home that could have cats and either no other dog or a male dog and her person should be strong, active, patient and disciplined. If this describes you, be prepared to meet your soul mate. We will miss her.”


Someday I will have a bed of my own... like this one...

“mmm… can I have a bed like this one someday?”