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The current Ku on This prompt comes from this photo titled A Master’s Brush.  I love this prompt – I love this photo.  So many haiku versions have drifted through my mind, but I cannot do it justice, not now.  What this prompt wants is for me to pull out my calligraphy nibs and brushes and a beautiful piece of parchment paper and see what emerges from there.   A haiga maybe, or better yet – etagami.

Sadly, due to current small living space, all art supplies are stored away. That sounds really wrong, doesn’t it?  Art supplies should never be in storage. Note to self: must change that reality.  Alright then, when I create a place for inks and pens and brushes and paper (there’s gotta be a way) I will revisit this prompt and perhaps present something completely different.

For now, I offer this simple haiku ~

Listen: brush strokes
whisper through vellum
telling tales.

a master's brush

Tanza at work – painter, calligrapher, artist

This post is in response to a Haiku prompt over at 19 Planets Blog.  Want to play? Visit Ku On This for more information, then just create a post when there is a prompt. I’d love it if you shared!