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I had so much fun with my last haiku post, that I decided to try again.  Rick over at 19 Planets Art Blog has promised a weekly Ku On This prompt, and so I decided to play on a regular basis.  Below is my first prompt based Haiku for the year 2013.  Who else wants to play?  Come on, break out those haikus!

Here’s the prompt for this week’s haiku ~  as usual, I took a look and thought I had no words to go with it.  But then, I think haiku comes more from the subconscious than any sort of rational writing attempt, and so I just walked away and let it percolate a while.  Below is the Haiku that finally emerged.  When I wrote it on this page it looked so, well, silent – so I decided to add an image.  I didn’t have one with a bell, but somehow this seems to work.   (Hm, does that make it a Haiga instead of a Haiku?)


clapper-less copper bell
rings in the new year ~
silent speculation


silent bell

Happy New Year! 

This post is in response to a Haiku prompt over at 19 Planets Blog.  Want to play? Visit Ku On This for more information, then just create a post whenever there is a prompt!  Would love it if you shared  🙂