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It has been a while since I have played with Haiku.  Like anything, the more you practice the better you get, and well, I am quite out of practice.  I do love Haiku and it is one of my favorite forms of poetry to play with.  So…  I have decided to take my own advice and return to creativity, in this case, Haiku.

Rick over at his 19 Planets blog is offering a Ku On This prompt – take a look at his Ku On This link at the top of his blog to get the full scoop.  It is a great way to play with Haiku – I find it more challenging than just coming up with spontaneous Haiku in my meanderings.  There is something about an external prompt from somewhere else that makes me dig a little deeper.

All that said ~ here is my first attempt from a Ku On This prompt – you can see the prompt photo here. I was a bit stumped when I first looked at the photo, and absolutely nothing was coming to mind… then yesterday when I was not thinking about Haiku at all, the following (shall I call it a Haiku?) popped in to my mind.

chive blossoms
haiku ~ 
missing words.

Well.  Hopefully my Haiku will improve as we go along.  Want to play?  Check out Rick’s prompts – he’s sure to post more in the new year.   Or make up your own, and feel free to share!