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Ok, I made that up.  I don’t know if there is a dedicated Random Act of Kindness Day, but if there is, then it should be today.  And every day.  Here we all are – survivors of the apocalypse – so why not bring more kindness into the word?

Here’s my challenge – to myself and to you:

Today, make a point of doing something kind.

smile be happyOption 1:  Be kind to a stranger – for after all, a stranger is only a friend we have not met yet.   Maybe it will be a spontaneous act while you are out and about, or maybe you actually want to plan to do something kind.   Maybe it is as simple as making someone smile, or bringing homemade cookies to that person you see every day – that one who always looks so worried.  Maybe you buy the groceries for the person in line behind you at the grocery store, or buy the coffee for that person counting pennies on the counter.   No worries though, money does not need to be involved.  There are many acts of kindness that require nothing more than, well…. being kind.   Be creative with  your kindness!


love life

I met this man on the road in La Pine, OR a few years ago. He was walking to spread the message that love is the most important thing in life…

Option 2:  Be kind to a person you really love.  Sometimes, when we get know someone really well, we tend to focus on their failures and how much they can annoy us.  Yes, even as we still love them.  So this challenge is to shift that focus – do something unexpectedly kind for that person you love and/or live with.  I wonder – if you did this on a regular basis – how would it change your relationship?

Ok – there you have it.  Take one option or both.  Head on out there today and Be Kind.  🙂

I would love to hear how your day turns out.  What did you do?  How did it make you feel? What shifted for you, for them, for the world in this simple act of kindness?  Come on back and share your story. You can post here in the comments, or post on your blog and put the link here so we can all read it.

We’re heading in to a new year… why not make it a kinder world and help spread a bit of peace and love around?

Many Blessings, and may your kindness come back around to make your day beautiful!