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Bonjour de France!

A long overdue post, as I am traveling and often away from the internet.

In spite of my post title, I haven’t been around for ‘weekly’ photo challenges, but I did check in long enough to find the topic for this week.  I haven’t had much chance to take a look at other posts for this week’s theme yet… but I will get there soon.  Meanwhile, below is my contribution.

My photos this week are from Argenton Les Vallees, in France, along the Argenton river.  A favorite place, and I am enjoying the peace of emerging spring here.  Yesterday, I heard a cuckoo bird singing cuckoo, cuckoo… Really! There really are cuckoo birds!  Sounded just like the old German cuckoo clocks my friend’s dad used to bring back from Germany when I was a child.  I also learned that hearing the cuckoo bird in this area is a sure sign of spring, and indeed, the weather has been marvelous and quite spring-like.

Here is the view I woke to this morning – sunrise through the window, accompanied by the sound of many birds singing and ducks splashing in the river below.  What a delight to be here…


This is an old stone bridge over the Argenton river – I love this bridge.  Two views of the river through the arches:

river through double arches


through the Argenton bridge

Light though a tiny window in an old stone shack.  This small building had a handmade sign on the outside that said “Bat Hotel.”

through the window in a bat hotel

And finally, one last view through a stone arch, named the magic portal by my traveling companion.  I love the hint of shadows lengthening in the early evening light ~

through the stone arch

Wherever you are, I wish you a magic portal that opens to great happiness. May you go through with joy.