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So…  a while ago, I received a new camera.  On one hand this is really great – it is much more advanced than the one I had been using, with many more options and interchangeable lenses.  On the other hand, there is an entirely new learning curve involved.  I have discovered there is much more to taking photographs than point and shoot.  These days, maybe I get one good photo out of one hundred shots.  But I am ok with that.  It’s all an adventure.

K. Pattabhi Jois is often quoted as saying: “Practice, and all is coming.”    While he was talking about yoga, the axiom applies to any new skill.

Practice, practice, practice.

Lately, I’ve been practicing photographing birds.  Below are a few photos captured this morning at the feeder….  signs that spring is returning…


The spotted towhees have just returned. They were gone for the winter… Along with the Robins, they are sure signs of spring!

Spotted Towhee

I think this is a song sparrow, although I could be wrong on the identification.  At any rate, this one is new for spring too.

Song Sparrow

Normally, we have black-capped chickadees (I have tried to photograph them, but they are so darn quick!) and dark-eyed Juncos.  They were here all winter, and are our most common birds.  This weekend, a surprise visitor showed up to see what this seed feeder was all about:  A Hairy Woodpecker –

Hairy Woodpecker

A potential thief?  The crows usually stay up higher and rarely come down into the tree.  This one decided to join the seed share today.

Black Crow

And here, of course, is our daily seed thief… this little bugger is getting quite bold.  He did not even pretend to think about running away when I approached.  The bounty was too good!

The Seed Thief


While it is still gray and overcast, and often cold here, I am encouraged by signs of spring.  It will come ’round again, I am certain.  Wishing you all happy spring-like vibes.

~ Many Blessings ~