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There is no official photo challenge topic from wordpress this week, so I am following the lead of a couple of my fellow bloggers: Maggie at Living Life in Glorious Color chose Random as a topic, and Margie at Latebloomerbuds posted using the topic Alone.  Kudos for blazing the trail on your own, ladies!

A bit of random news: a friend of mine just bought a new camera, so guess who bought his hand-me-down. Woohoo!  I love good deals like that.  🙂  This camera is an upgrade for me ~  from my little canon powershot (which I have absolutely loved ) to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 – so I now have interchangeable lenses.  I am thrilled!  These photos are the first from the new camera, and are mostly just experimental shots as I figure out all the settings.  So much to learn!

Meanwhile ~ my experimental photos seem perfect for this week’s non-officially-themed challenge.  Enjoy.

Playing with focus – branches against the sky

Deuce soaking up the sun ~ taken with the telephoto lens

deuce in the sun

Sunlight on a holly leaf, frozen dew drops, early morning

morning dew on a holly leaf

Fern fronds in and out of focus

fern fronds in focus


Kona the dawg, king of the log

Sunrise in the forest

sun rise through the trees