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after a dark night of rain
the mist rises,
clouds float apart and
sun rays spill through the trees.
small drops of water become
natural crystals
spreading rainbows and
the forest simply
sparklessun prisms


Somewhere around the first of January, the folks at Writing Your Way Home suggested writing daily “stones” which they defined as “…a very short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully engaged moment.”

I have written my “stones” daily since then – you can find them on my Daily Poems page.  Technically, the challenge was for January only, however I find that I so enjoy these small meditations that I plan to keep up the practice through the year.  Mostly, I will post them on my daily poems page ~ but occasionally, if I have a photo that I want to share with the poem, I will post it here on my blog page.

Like this one from a magical morning. I took this photo at dawn today.

As I write, the cloud cover is back, and the day is already that typical northwest gray, but I witnessed that moment of pure brilliance, and even though it was brief, I still feel the joy.  I hope you can get a small sense of the magnificence I saw out there this morning – it is so hard to capture in words and pictures.  Perhaps beauty is within the soul of the beholder more than the eye… if we can just learn to see with our souls…