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I watched a bald eagle in flight early this morning. It was just after dawn. The sun was preceded by a pink sky with just a hint of blue, so welcome after days of rainy gray.  I walked with the dog to the place I call the forest. It’s not really; it is the watershed area for the city, and has trails that run through a protected area of old pines and creeks and wetlands.  It is surrounded by the freeway and other busy thoroughfares, so it is not quite like getting out of the city and away from the noise, but it’s as close I can find here.

We walked up a small hill where few people go. The sky had turned from pink to that off-orange, almost eery glow that happens when the early sun meets a dark rain cloud. I turned my face to the east, welcoming that bit of gold through the trees and as I did so I caught a flash of something shiny overhead.  The sun had lit the eagle’s flight, and now I saw the pattern of wings, and the shine of a bald head as the eagle soared past the tips of the old gnarled trees, circling once, then disappearing from my view.


It has nothing to do with this post. It’s just what I wanted to share after returning to my desk.  Just in time, I might add, to listen to the rain pour overhead as the day returns to its typical northwest patterns, the sun hidden once again behind rain clouds.

The rains come down, and a new day begins. My life is (yet again) on the verge of change.  Many of the changes will be of my own choosing, some no doubt will be unexpected, some will be changes that we all will experience collectively as the world changes.  It is inevitable.

Change happens.  Life Is.

A few of those changes will be happening here on this blog. I will be adding some pages, and changing my content a bit.  Stay tuned if you like, as new ideas unfold…

I will not be posting quite as frequently. One thing the daily/weekly WordPress challenge taught me is that too many posts can be counter productive. There is no need for me to write daily posts, and no need to overload in-boxes with irrelevant ramblings. I would rather write something of quality less often than post daily just because I think I should.  I don’t know yet what my post frequency will be, but I will settle on the interval that feels right, and will try to make that clear as I go along.

I have taken on a couple of fun blogging challenges, although I am not sure how often I will actually blog about them. The Inside Out Cafe has issued an Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge – At least once a week, do something out of the ordinary, outside of your comfort zone, something new and different.  This, I love.  I will be participating, even if it doesn’t show up on my blog.  🙂  Anyone else out there want to play this game? Our whole household is doing this… gives us all something to laugh about anyway!

The Writing Our Way Home blog has suggested a really lovely writing (and living) exercise called River of Stones.  From their website:  “A small stone is a very short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully engaged moment.”  In other words, notice something beautiful and write about it ~ a poem, a haiku, a song, whatever comes.  I find this a beautiful way to engage in the world. I will be following the lead of Crowing Crone Joss and adding a page to my blog for these small stones.

Finally, before I make too many changes, I owe some people some thanks.  There are several “awards” that get passed around the blogging community, and over the past few weeks several people have come by my blog to name me as an award recipient.  I am very honored, and appreciate all your thoughts and attention.

The Versatile Blogger award comes with a list of things to do – for now, I am going to pass on that, and simply refer you to all the wonderful pages from the people below. There are so many wonderful blogs out there – when you have a moment, check out some of the lists on the following links.

A big Thank You to these bloggers for offering me the Versatile Blogger Award:

Trisha at Creating Reciprocity – Trisha has a wonderful blog about how we can all live better together.  For this award, she created a great list of recommended blogs that you can read about here.  Thank you, Trisha, for including me in that list.

Miro at Warrior Poet Wisdom – I love Miro’s poetic wisdom.  In this post he shares about several awards, and includes his list of nominated blogs. Thanks, Miro, for including my blog in your list.

Tracey at Snaggglewordz is a well-loved fellow writer. You can read her Versatile Blogger recommendations here.  Thank you, Tracey! I appreciate your words and your recommendations.

Composer in the Garden has written a lovely post here about versatility.  Thank you, Composer, for your words and your music, and for sharing your beauty. Thanks also for including my blog in your recommendations.

I Love the Way You Lied  has listed her favorites here. Thank you for sharing these blogs, and thank you for thinking of me and including me in your list.

Also, for the beautiful Candle Lighter Award ~ an award that, in the words of Jake Sprinter:  “…belongs to  those who believe, who always survive the day and those who never stop Dreaming…”   a big Thank You to Jake Sprinter at Time After Time.  I am honored.  You can see Jake’s post about this award here, and take a look at the blogs he recommends.

And one more thank you ~

to ALL of my readers:
Thanks for the comments that you leave, and for the clicking of the like button, and for leaving a trace to follow back to your own blogs or emails.  And thank you for reading even if you don’t leave trace of your presence.  I appreciate all of you.

A New Year’s Toast:
May we all remember to pause, to take time to notice the beauty around us: the soaring eagles, the sun behind the clouds, the people who support and appreciate us. May we live generously, with gratitude and love, and may we come together in community to create a beautiful and peaceful world.

~ Many Blessings, and a Very Happy New Year to All ~