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I thought I was going to pass on this week’s photo challenge. A couple of years ago, even a single year ago, I might have known exactly how to post a self-portrait. I thought knew who I was, what I loved, what I was about. Life shifts, and these days, the question I live with daily is “who am I, really?”

So honestly, when I saw this topic, I was stumped.  But tonight while I was flipping through some photos looking for something else, I came across this:

sunlightIt is of those accidental shots – the result of pushing the button without meaning to.  That’s me in the photo, or at least it is my arm and my hair. Why I have the camera out at that angle to begin with is a mystery. But there is something about this photo that captures my attention. What I love here is the light. The camera is facing directly into the sun.  If there is anything that feels so completely like me – it is this: how much I love the sun, how much I love light.  If I know nothing else, I know how it feels to lay like a lizard on a rock in the desert, letting sun rays fill me from the ground into my core.  If I know nothing else of who I am, I know that when I turn my face to the sun, warmth rises up from within, and I am alive.