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I admit it, when it comes to family it does not take much to fire up my inner cynic.  When I first saw this week’s photo challenge topic, said inner cynic came roaring to the surface with these words:  “Oh, please. Isn’t that rather cliché, right after ThanksGiving?”

Sigh. But then I clicked over to the comments to see what people were posting, and the first two photos just melted my heart.  Take a look here at Brandon’s photo – there is something about those faces that just makes me sense a real connection.  And Frizztext always has a photo that inspires – my inner cynic just can’t stand up in the presence of this photo.  Wow.  And this one here just made me smile.

So, with inner cynic safely tucked away again, I went to my photo archives and came up with this.  I took this photo maybe 3 years ago, but I have always loved it.  Consider it a metaphor if you like.  I will leave the interpretation to you.   🙂

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