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Is there anything more wondrous than the face of a laughing elephant?
ele laughterI have so many photos of nature that fill me a sense of wonder: sunrises and flowers and deserts and moons and oceans.  Nature, and indeed, life itself is wondrous, and so trying to find a single photo that implies WONDER is difficult.  I decided on simplicity – just these two photos from my time with the elephants.

Several years ago I had the blessed opportunity to meet these amazing beings at the Elephant Nature Park in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand.  To see elephants up close and to spend time with them was indeed a wonder filled experience.  Elephants are intelligent and wise creatures, and are very family oriented.  Here is a photo that feels like the wonderful essence of friendship ~
May you all feel the wonder of every experience, today and always!

~ om shanti ~