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Windows are as intriguing to me as are doors and stairways…. offering glimpses into other worlds, other stories.  The following are a few of my favorites ~

This first is a building in a Saumur, France.  I love the perspective, and the hidden designs on the windows could make this photograph a fit for the previous challenge as well.

Looking Up

Rose Window in the Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France.  This cathedral is amazingly beautiful. It has an ancient stone floor labyrinth that supposedly is the same size as the rose window.  Sadly, when I was there, chairs were set up on this great floor as they are in this photograph here, so I was unable to walk the labyrinth.  I can imagine an amazing walking meditation in this place…. rose window

A window in the Carmelite Monastery in Helsingor, Denmarkmonastery window

Window built into stone – somewhere in Europe!  Sadly, I’ve forgotten where I took this photo.  Anybody recognize it? It may be Kronborg Castle.  I love the light here. window with stone walls

Looking out a window from inside the Kronborg Castle (aka Hamlet’s Castle) in Helsingor, Denmarkhidden view

Another view of the Kronborg Castle through yet another window. I love how the tints on the window panes gives the castle a colorful hue. hamlet's castle inside outAnd now for something completely different:  A window in a stone altar ~ a magic forest in Humlebaek, Denmarkwindow through the stones

And finally, I include this photo – It is not the greatest from a compositional standpoint, but I love the texture of it.  I snapped this photo from outside the window looking in.  I love the expression on her face – she is alone, and working on a painting of the orange lily in her window.  To me, the expression is a window into her soul… soul of an artistMay you always see beauty through the windows of your soul, and may you know the joy of an open heart.

~ Om Shanti ~