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A month ago, I posted my intention to participate in the Oly Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  Yup, a month ago.  I had a couple of good morning runs about that time, then I left town.  I took my vibrams with me, thinking I would run while on the road, but did I? No, I did not.

Earlier this week:   “I registered!  I’m official!”  My niece came in to the house, dripping wet, and announced that she had made good on her intention to enter the race.  She’d been out on a run in the rain, and ran right over to the local registration spot.

The challenge was on.  I had made a verbal commitment, so I needed to follow through.  No, I did not put on my vibrams and run right over to the local registration spot (which maybe I should have done) but I did go online and register.

Just in time. Turns out that if you are registered before Nov. 3rd you are assured of getting race bounty…. no, not a t-shirt, but beautiful, oh-so-fashionable arm warmers.  Arm Warmers!  Woohoo!

What is an arm warmer, you ask? I too had to ask that question. Here is a lovely photo sent to me in an email from the race promoters:

arm warmerHa.  Makes me laugh.  Can’t you just see Jennifer Beals doing a Flashdance on her hands?  Ok, but really, are these even practical?  Won’t they slide down your arms as you run? Why not just wear a shirt with long sleeves?  But then, of course you wouldn’t have the prestige that an official race arm warmer could provide….  Yup, can’t wait to get my own arm warmers!   \o/

But I digress.  The race is 3 weeks from yesterday.  I have not been running regularly.  Ok, I know I can at least WALK 4 miles, but how long would that take?  Half the day?  No, if I am going to run in this race, I’d like to be able to finish with a somewhat decent time.   So back to the training!

My goal:  A pace that averages a fifteen minute mile.  Can I reach that goal in 3 weeks? It means walking less and actually running more.  Today I went out for a little over an hour, and mapped my route when I got home.  Turns out I did 2.9 miles.  Hm.  That comes out to a little over a 22 minute mile, and at 4 miles that would put me finishing the race just under an hour and a half.  I think I can improve on that.

If nothing else, Kona-the-dawg loves these long morning outings.  And whatever the outcome, the proceeds from the race benefit the Thurston County Food Bank.  That makes it worthwhile fun.  🙂

Anyone else out there doing a crazy run for Thanksgiving?