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National Novel Writing Month.  Start date is just around the calendar corner – kickoff parties are happening all over the country starting at midnight on Halloween. (I wonder how many kickoff parties feature Halloween costumes of classic authors or literary characters?)  A crazy, mad dash to fire off the first thousand-and-some words to get the month started.

Not that this old lady will be going to any midnight kick-off parties.  Any midnight writing in this hovel is likely done in pajamas, close to my very comfy bed. If I don’t get my first words written until after 6am on November 1st, well, that’s just dandy with me.

It is odd, isn’t it, for hundreds (thousands? millions?) of people to say “Hey, I am going to write 50,000 words of junk this month and call it a novel!”   Crazy is as crazy does, as my mother would say.

Odd as it may be, here are a few of the reasons I am participating:

  1. I love to write. I figure this might give some of my musings a cohesive focus.
  2. Junk or not, I could really write a novel.  I always said I would some day…. why not now? Gotta start somewhere.
  3. There is freedom in writing without editing, and there’s no way to get any real editing in if I plan to write the full 50,000 words AND live a life.
  4. My inner critic could go on vacation with my inner editor.  For a full month.  Wow, it might be quiet in here for a change.
  5. I could make some New Crazy Writer Friends.   Anytime people do anything weird together, a bond is formed.  Why not take advantage of that fact and meet some fun, creative people?
  6. Crazy Writer Friends can be supportive allies in crazy ventures. You can never have too many supportive allies.
  7. I told my friend Jane I would do this. She is my crazy writer friend who wants to know how many hours it will take me to do this each day.  Um, right. I’d like to know that too.
  8. I told wH I would do this.  He said he would do it too.  We’ll see who reaches 50,000 words first.  🙂
  9. Because sometimes it’s more fun to think of reasons Why instead of reasons Why Not when you want to do something new and different, no matter how goofy.
  10. Hey, I could really write a novel….

I have no real plan yet.  I know some participants are working like crazy on outlines and character sketches so that they can begin the “real” writing immediately on Day 1.  Me? I’m winging it.  Bringing my imagination to the keyboard, and letting it fly…. where it goes is anyone’s guess!

So here’s to you, my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers:  May we all be blessed with creative inspiration, magical muses and wondrous words,  and more importantly…. may we all just have fun!

NaNoWriMo Participant