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From possibilities to opportunities to the mystery of hidden things…. Life is amazingly beautiful.  I was flipping through files of photos, and I paused to take a look at my email.  “Weekly photo challenge: Hidden” my inbox said to me, and I laughed, because I had just been looking at the first photo you see here.  So with this new word in mind, I perused a few more photos, and came up with the following…. all indicative in some small way of something hidden, some mystery, or maybe, in the case of the last photo, a subliminal suggestion for how we might indeed be good to one another…. Enjoy!

Gryphon the Cat: Hide and Seek

safe and warm

Gryphon the Cat 2Gryphon the Hidden Cat

Brand new baby elephant – at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailandbaby ele

The Green Lady in Red – Winter in South Floridathe green lady

A Dancing Fairy of the Woods –  hidden in Olympia, Washingtona dancing wood fairy

Ah, the Mystery of the Earth!
Her gifts lie hidden in the dirt – here, the first radish of the seasonradish

The wisdom in blurred graffiti …  Be Good To Each Other …  but how?
Aha.   Be ….. Each Otherbe ... each other