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a road less traveledOpportunities arise out of infinite possibilities.  I think about photos that might represent opportunity, and I realize that the ones I posted for the possibility challenge could easily be posted here… open doors, less traveled paths, steps and stairs…  I love the mystery, the unknown, the possibility, and yes – the opportunity.

Even a closed door can represent opportunity. It causes you to stop, to turn, to take a different direction.  Opportunity reveals itself in unexpected ways.

Every sunrise is opportunity.  Every morning the earth turns again toward the sun, and a new day is born – a day that has never before existed, and never will again.  Wow. That’s opportunity.

morning in la pine


Sometimes, photos themselves are opportunities.  Turning at just the right time, seeing a flash of movement and raising the camera, magical moments of light. Beauty all around.

A bird sings to the high desert sky

bird and desert sky

A dog becomes part of the mountain rock-scape

kona the dog rockscape

An afternoon light show during a magical moment on top of the world

light over eagle lakeUnexpected car trouble places me in a cross walk, and the universe says “I Love You”love in unexpected placesOpportunity is Everywhere.