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Why a new blog?  For that matter, why any blog? 

I have been writing since I was a child, in some form or another.  I learned to read before I started school, and began to put my own words on paper not long after that.  As a child, my life was often a fantasy in words.

I still have a love affair with words.  I can’t not write.  I have always loved the texture of words: the way ink seeps into paper, the way squiggly lines become images and randomly assembled words create entire realities. I love how words smell.  Yes, really, they do. Walk in to any bookstore and you will notice it.  The smell of ink and paper and binding glue and the savory smell of story.

I like to write with different implements.  I love old pens. I am not so fond of common ball point pens, but love the old fountain pens with nibs that offer varying textures and width of pen stroke. These old nibs lead easily to new explorations.  Rarely, I might use a pencil, but really only for doodles.  Sometimes, I will add colored pencil to inked thoughts on textured paper and suddenly see something from a new perspective.  Paper matters too.  Smooth paper lends itself to shallow thoughts – superficial text when such is needed.  Textured paper adds depth: sinking in slowly, maybe on handmade paper, takes time.  Words slow down, become more precise, offer greater depth of meaning and nuance.

And here, of course, I am writing on my computer. This one happens to be a MacBook Pro, which I am rapidly falling in love with (being a recent convert from the PC world).  I like blogging with wordpress – the software offers a full screen writing mode, so I can shut out distractions and simply write.

Does my tone change with the medium? I used to think so, when I got my first computer years ago.  Now, though, I think computer technology is as much a part of me as my pen and paper.  Maybe, instead of a different voice expressing in different mediums I just have alter-muses.  One muse shows up when I am on the computer, another one comes out to play in my journal, and – ah yes, even a muse for technical writing.  Who knew?

Words are simply magic.

I love this quote by Akrid Snell, a fictional character in The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde:

“Books may look like nothing more than words on a page, but they are actually an infinitely complex imaginotransference technology that translates odd, inky squiggles into pictures inside your head.”

Amazing. Really.  Words are simply magic, and I can’t help being in love with them.

None of which explains why I am starting a new blog.  No explanation, really.  I just am here to write.

So this is the start of yet another journey – come along for the ride if you are so inclined. I have no idea what words will show up here, or where we might end up.  But that’s the fun of it… everything we experience is part of this great adventure called Life.